Remember Me


If you tick the "Remember Me" the website will remember your login details the next time you visit so that you do not have to login each time. This saves time and means that you do not need to re-enter your email address and password every time you come back.


Important: If you use a shared computer (i.e. people other than you use this computer) we recommend that you do not tick this option as they will also be able to access your Trendy Cow Designs My Account area and details.


How does this work:In order for our website to remember who you are between visits it has to use what's called a Cookie. This is a small text file that it stores on your computer so that it can recognise you the next time you visit. This Cookie does not store any personal details other than your name and your unique Trendy Cow Designs customer id and will not affect your computer in any way. Cookies are a widely used and standard method for remembering customers between visits.